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Mosquito bites and prevention´╗┐

This is the deadest animal in the world, mosquito kills almost one hundred thousand people each year, including the weakest pregnant women and children. No other bite killer more humans, or make more sickness such as:

  • Aedes Aegypt: Zika , Dengue fever, Chikungunya
  • Culex pipiens West Nile virus disease
  • Anopheles Gambia Malaria

What make a mosquito's bite so terrible?

Fist of all, only female mosquito bite us, they need blood to make eggs, and a pool of water for their babies hatching. Even a small glass of water can hold them up. They usually use the proboscis to lunge into our skin, it looks very simple, but the tools for them is actually quite complicated.

First, they will shrink labium to let the pricker draw. If you see the head of mosquito under a microscope,you can find the organ inside the labium. There are six needles, two of them have small saw teeth on them. She will use these to puncture your skin, they are so sharp that you can barely feel her pushing. The other two needles hold the fixation part for the sucking of the blood. Under the skin, you can see her poking around, looking for blood vessels. The needle tip has a detector that can detect chemicals in the blood, to help her to find the blood vessel. Then she use the same needle to suck your blood. When she has got enough blood, they will separate out the water in the blood and discharge the water. It will make a lot more space in her body for the blood, so she can absorb more nutrients of red blood cells. The last needle can release a chemical substances to prevent our blood clotting, and this is what makes us feel itchy.

Sometimes before she flies away, she may even leave saliva as a souvenir, a virus or parasite,which may make us sick or kill us. These viruses are not produced by mosquitoes, they are just parasites in the mosquito body, hitchhiking into our bodies. This is what makes mosquitos so dangerous and deadly to us. They take our blood, sometimes we take theirs, but often not quick enough to respond.To have a more safe and healthy living environment, it's really important for us to keep away from mosquitoes.

Here are some tips:

  1. Use harmless mosquito repellents products to keep insect away.
  2. Wear clothes covering all parts of the body, light colored clothes would be better.
  3. Use physical barriers like gauze, door and window screens, etc;
  4. In addition, it is more important to carry out emptying, cleaning or covering the water barrel, a flower pot or a car tire, which may be water storage, thereby removing the environment which can cause mosquito breeding.

Call Barrier Pest Control to treat your back yard before you have a Bbq, wedding or get together to reduce the number of mosquitos that will be there. We use a environmentally friendly garlic chemical to repel the mosquitos from the area and it can last 4 to 5 weeks after each application.