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After 2 years living the farm life, Scott and his family are making the move to the suburbs. Saying goodbye to their chickens and the corn that surrounds them and hello too sidewalks and human neighbours.

As boxes are loaded and carried out of the home and into the truck the door to the house is often left open to keep things moving smoothly. This open door is great for insects and rodents to just sneak there way in. An open and empty home presents an opportunity for all sorts!

´╗┐You've gone through all the stress of finding that perfect place, the hoops you've jumped at this point have left you exhausted but you finally pull up to your new home and start bringing in all your belongings. The door is yet again left open. As you place box after box you start noticing some things that look small black grains of rice or maybe some spider webs in the basement you didn't see before.

This would be a great time to call the pest professionals at Barrier Pest Control. Before you unpack and make the house a home let's get it treated so that the only new occupants are you and your family! Without the clutter and build up of life preventing access to particular areas your house has never been more prepared for a treatment