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The weather here in the GTA has been more hot and cold than our own Toronto Maple Leafs. Up and down, snow to sun, rain to frost we just can't decide what to do yet!

With any luck both will stay hot and we can welcome in Spring. With Spring comes warmer and wetter weather which is loved by insects nearly as much as ourselves. Cluster flies and ants are about to be the next intruder you'll see in the home

Don't let them stay around though, there are simple treatment methods available from Barrier Pest Control that can keep them at bay without praying for snow. Most species of ant can be controlled with a baiting program designed to take out the entire colony. This keeps your exposure to chemical limited while keeping treatment success rates high. Cluster flies need a slightly different approach but by treating only targeted areas they won't be a problem for long.

Give us a call now and we can talk about how to make next Spring even easier to deal with!