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Well in the peak of spring it seems to be the time to go through the house and clean out all the remnants of winter and being stuck indoors. Baseboards are cleaned, the garage is reorganized for the right season. Maybe you even cleaned the car. At our household spring cleaning tends to lead to other projects, this year we discovered the water line for the fridge was leaking. Simple afternoon project of running a new line and drying up all the water.

Unfortunately, one of our customers had a different problem behind their fridge. They were having roach issues in the apartment, so part of the treatment is to move the appliances and inspect in the areas for concerns and then treatment. Turns out the fridge may not have been moved in years and had an accumulation of several thousand roaches. 

Consider this a Barrier Pest Control Public Service Announcement: Clean around your appliances regularly!

Crumbs, dirt, dust and other debris is very easily pushed under or beside your appliances while cleaning. Not to mention the simple spills when cooking or preparing food. You may have a different experience than that customer, maybe you end up with mice instead or like our household discover a water leak!

Either way best to make this something thats done a couple times of year. If you find a single mouse dropping or pounds of dead roaches we will be happy to come solve your problem!