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It's been a fun summer for the Barrier Pest Control Team! We watched the pool go from blue to green and back again about 6 times, made it down to the CNE where it was a universal decision that Cheeseburger Ice cream should always have an "and" between them, and the family traded in the boat for a cottage!

But the summer is coming to an end, the Beeton Fall Fair is only days away and it's time to start the Fall chores and leave the summer time bliss for another couple months. The summer was great for us, Todd created a new personal and company record of 22 Wasp Nests treated in a single day! And a total sting count of the season of 3! Scott on the other hand wrapped up Wasp season with a total sting count of 5 but claims at least 2 of those stings were not obtained on the job.

It's not often that we're able to remove a wasp nest during treatment without damaging the nest, here you can see Scott with a Bald Faced Hornet's nest after a successful treatment and removal! Safety comes first here, full hooded jacket and gloves helps keep his total sting count down

With the standard hanging nest, treatment is often best done by reducing activity and then removing the nest either by knocking it down or breaking off the branch/material it's attached too. When the nest has formed on your home, likely by the fascia, it's best to knock it down as you're likely going to want to keep the fascia where it is. If the nest has formed in a bush or on a tree, the branches are integrated into the nest and it's often easier to just cut the branch and remove the entire hive. That was the case there with Scott.

Lately it seems that there are less hanging nests and the entry point nests are the more common concern. Wasps entering around the weeping holes in the brick work, under the siding, or between the brick and the fascia. There's no need to remove the nest in these scenarios, just eliminate the wasp activity.

So if you happen to run into Scott during a treatment visit definitely ask him about his experience with Cheeseburger Ice cream and not the fact that he no longer holds the record for most Wasp Nests treated in a day! And while we hang our heads in the seasonal depression keep an eye out for the mice that are moving around by your feet!