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Cluster Fly

As the cold weather slowly passes and we get the gift of sunshine and warmer days you may be noticing those cute little red spotted bugs around the house. Maybe you don't have those ones and instead you have these giant noisy hairy flies, less cute.

This warmer weather is bringing life back to the cluster fly, lady bug, and box elder beetles. The cat might chase them and bounce around the wall, maybe you tried to kill one and left a lovely smudge on the wall, or you are too scared to close the curtain incase the flies developed intelligence and are worried they'll now have a plan to overthrow your rule of the home.

At this point the best option is going to be an interior treatment. These pesky little guys already made it into the house the fall and have been patiently waiting, enjoying the free shelter until the outside world became livable once again. So as they wake up and bounce along the windows, we can treat the inside of the house so they aren't doing this for days and weeks.

Once the interiors been treated, great you don't have bugs flying around anymore! Didn't you have this problem last year though? The best way to stop this from happening to by treating the outside of the house in the late summer, think early September. With fewer bugs surviving their attempt at overwintering in your house than obviously you will have fewer bugs bothering you in the spring, its a win win here