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What is the worst bug to deal with

In recent years, we have witnessed a growing concern in the resurgence of bed bugs. Any pest that intrudes on our lives, gives people an "ick factor", but knowing which pest causes the most problems is important.

Of over 800,000 species of insects on earth, bed bugs are most adaptable to our human environment. Bed bugs have become the most relevant and important pest to the pest control industry and through these few facts below, you will know why

Prefer pets but will feed on humans
Can jump 14-16 inches horizontally and 7-8 inches vertically
Can nest in carpet, flooring or upholstery
Can remain in pupa stage for up to a year
Sensitive to temperature
Vector- Carrier of parasites and disease (plague - typhus)

Relatively easy to eliminate in homes

Certain flies (stable fly) can bite and suck blood, others are scavengers
Mechanical vectors of many diseases through vomit or fecal matter

Short life cycle (Average adult lives about 20 days)
Relatively easy to eliminate in homes

Only females suck blood
Vectors of malaria, dengue, encephalitis, yellow fever
Drawn to still water or water edges (breeding ground)
Most active at night
Continuous breeding in warm weather Mid to late summer - early autumn
Bite both animals and humans

Controllable through chemicals

German Cockroaches: Batting high on the list of the most persistent insects to eliminate, is the German cockroach
They are structural infesters, that lay many eggs than most other insects that infest structures
The female carries the egg capsule during the whole time the embryos are developing within the eggs (This protects them so that more are likely to hatch)
Because of size, easily concealed in small areas so they remain protected
High population density
Pheromones cause higher aggregations
Resistant to chemical issues
Contaminates food
Disease transmitter

Controllable through cleaning and baiting, dusting and spraying

Bed Bugs:
Known as one of the most persistent insects to eliminate - rivals the "cockroach"
Human (preferred) parasites, easily transmitted - very successful hitchhiking abilities (any place - any time)
High rate (impressive) reproduction in ambit temperatures with regular blood meals
Structural invaders (Cryptic and reclusive in nature - because of size, easily concealed in small areas so they remain protected)
Normally hide in day light and come out at night (depending on size of infestation /occupant's life style)
Bites cause welts and irritations to some
Resistant to chemical issues
Can go for great lengths of time before noticed
Clean or dirty environments make no difference
A year round pest
Huge nuisance pest (Can easily be re-introduced)
Leaves obvious tell-tale signs
Can grow exponentially in six to nine months (50,000+)
Can lay dormant for great periods of time
Causes psychological stress, social shame and embarrassment and exacerbates established mental issues
Not vectors (Can be "mechanical" transmitters)
Extremely costly and time consuming to eliminate
Found in any environment - no one is immune to them

Any way you look at it, bed bugs are what bad dreams consist of.

Take the time to learn as much as you can about bed bugs so you, your family or friends do not suffer through a bad infestation. Finding them early will save you so much more than just money. Share the information you have learned and do not forget, you can always count on us for information concerning any of these services!