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Summer is here and so are the bugs

While after a long hard winter the warmer weather has finally arrived. With it the insects are emerging in force and setting up their homes close to ours.If your home is your castle then your castle is under attack as the insect population is exploding. Ants are thriving this year, with Carpenter ant activity being very strong. In the forest its the carpenter ants job to break up water damaged wood and help with the decomposition but when they start to invade your house it's now quite as nice. Remember that the ants you see in your house are probably foragers looking for food, they don't eat the wood, only hollow it out to live in. Usually colonies found in a home are satellite colonies with the main colony being outside.

Another insect that is enjoying summer with us is mosquitos. While I treat yards and areas for mosquitos on a regular basis some of them seem to have clouds of them around. Try to eliminate any standing water on your property so they do not have a breeding site and this will help lessen the amount you have to deal with. The treatment for mosquitoes lasts three to four weeks ands works really well, so you can sit on your deck, enjoy the warm nights or parties without the bugs bothering you. Earwigs, spiders and other crawling insects will start to emerge as the summer moves on and will try to live close to your house or patio. With an exterior treatment around your home Barrier Pest control can help ensure they stay on the outside and not in areas where you need to worry about them.

While there are a lot of chemicals available at the local stores for insect control sometimes they are not enough. Do you really know what you are spraying? Did you know other than the label most raid cans have the same chemicals in them. Be environmentally friendly, leave it up to a licences professional who knows what chemical can be applied and how it do it safely. With our training and over 35 years experience Barrier Pest Control can not only advise you on what chemicals they will use but help you decide what is best for your home so it stays bug free with the least amount of impact to the environment.

So enjoy the summer, have Barrier Pest Control treat when things get a little out of control and keep the insects where they should be, outside away from your home.