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Customer Service

Here at Barrier Pest control we believe that customer service is still important. It seems to be a dying art, as I write this waiting for a service technician who is an hour late. I hate waiting for service people, in stores and restaurants while they talk to their friends, at home when they arrive 2 hours late or not at all, it's really bad customer service. When you book an appointment, meeting or tell a customer you are going to call, the least you can do is be on time. As a family owned and operated company that was one of the things my parents taught me and their parents taught them. It's called manners. Arrive on time and do what you promised to do. Okay, I know things happen and you can't always arrive on time, but we live in a world where we can communicate instantly almost anywhere. So if you are going to be late, pick up the phone, laptop or whatever and have the common courtesy to call and keep everyone updated, it's only polite and good customer service.

I don't want to knock the big companies, but when was the last time you heard anyone praising the cable company for coming to their house, oh you have to be home all day because we don't know when our technician will arrive. poor service, their time is worth more than yours? At Barrier Pest Control not only will we arrive on time with all the equipment we need to do the job, but will call ahead to give you a 15 minute reminder that we are on the way, thats good customer service.

When dealing with companies the last thing I want to hear is, "I can't help you, you must call head office...argh!!! Or how about the old line" fill out this form and someone will get back to you..excuses, they are everywhere. There should be no excuses for poor customer service. Make the decision to deal with a professional company, and feel good about your decision thats what it's all about. Whether you are dealing with a front line employee or the head of a corporation it should make no difference in how any issues are resolved, quickly and to your satisfaction as a customer. The customer is always right, well maybe not always, however, they should still count and think they are. Multiple phone calls to managers who never call you back show the consumer that they just don't care, there are lots of other customers.

Barrier Pest Control will not provide good customer service, that's not good enough, but outstanding customer service that you will tell your friends about. Referrals and repeat business is how we grow the most. Our customers are not faceless numbers but people we know and interact with, as we provide them with information and educate them on how to protect their homes and businesses. We know today's parents are busy during the week so we offer weekend service at no additional cost, after all, our customers are important to us. Have a question, we have the time and experience to answer it for you, no charge, no run around we are here to help you, our customer.