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As the seasons change, so will the pests around our homes, cottages, back yards, boats and trailers! Barrier Pest Control is proud to service the commercial and residential needs of our communities for over 30 years.

What types of pests are invading your home or business? 
In the spring we are dealing with an abundance of crawling insects from flies to ants, spiders and mosquitoes. As spring moves into summer some of the initial insects will disappear and other invaders will emerge, such as wasps, hornets and multiple different types of crawling beetles and bugs. Late summer and early fall will bring out the insects looking for warm winter hiding places such as cluster flies. Earwigs will emerge from damp areas and mice will start to look for a good place to over winter.
With customized programs to fit your personal space — whether it be spiders around a boat or trailer, mice in your cottage, mosquitoes in your back yard or wasps invading the eaves of your house — Barrier Pest Control can help you remove them safely.

Whether you're putting it away for the summer or bringing it out to play, let us give you peace of mind that it will be pest-free when you need it. 

Have a special event coming up? 
Outdoor weddings and celebrations can be a challenge. The last thing you want on your wedding day is flying insects “bugging” your guests! Have the area treated prior to the big event and reduce the population levels so everyone remembers the great time, not the pesky bugs. Call Barrier Pest Control for a free quote at 905-252-7378!

Our Guarantee

We value your time. Barrier Pest Control will call you prior to arriving if requested – no waiting hours for a technician to arrive. With a phone call, we can ensure you know when your service technician is going to arrive and better prepare for your day.

We care about the environment and your home. Barrier Pest Control will strive to provide a thorough pest control service in the safest, most environmentally-friendly way possible. If the infestation is not reduced the first time, Barrier Pest Control will re-evaluate the situation and schedule a free service.