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The old saying that your home is your castle still applies today and it will probably be one of the most expensive things you purchase in your lifetime. When insects or rodents invade it, call the professionals at Barrier Pest Control to eliminate them so you can keep enjoying your pest-free space.

We will come to your home and, after a thorough inspection, design a customized plan to help ensure your home remains as insect and rodent-free as possible. Our highly trained and licensed staff will complete a treatment with the most eco-friendly chemicals available to ensure the safety of our clients. A written report at the end of the service will provide you with proactive recommendations to help you maintain your home.

When protecting your home against rodents or insects, our main goal is to eliminate the infestation in the quickest, safest manner possible and ensure you, our client, are completely satisfied with the results of our service.

We offer a wide range of residential services -- from single visits to remove wasp nests or to treat for insect infestations, to monthly maintenance programs designed to ensure your home is as pest and rodent-free as possible.

Whether you are trying to eliminate a current infestation or doing preventative treatments for insects such as mosquitos, Barrier Pest Control will work with you and your budget to create a program that will fit your needs.

Call us at 905-252-7378 today to discuss a free quote for your personalized pest control program.