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As a fully licensed and insured pest control provider, Barrier Pest Control can provide detailed reports for your business to help keep it as rodent and pest-free as possible. With monthly inspections of the premises, we can install traps and monitors in strategic locations to maintain your business. Don't let pests ruin your business's reputation, team up with the professionals at Barrier Pest Control and we will work together to provide an outstanding pest control program. With written detailed service reports available to health department officials when they inspect your business, it's easy for them to see that pest control is not an issue that your business takes lightly.

With a customized program, Barrier Pest Control can work as part of your team to determine the optimal frequency of service required, target any pests that need to be covered, make recommendations for preventative maintenance and provide full log book services with trend analysis reports, MSDS, device location maps and licences as well as wildlife and bird services.

Call Barrier Pest Control today to discuss a free quote for your business at 905-252-7378.